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  Northbrae/Westbrae Berkeley

The Alameda/Hopkins/Monterey/Gilman


This small neighborhood shopping district has some of the best shopping in town. Paris might have Rue Cler, but Berkeley has Hopkins Street!

The Monterey Market can't be beat for fresh produce, there's a nearby fish and meat market (info and photos below), and Espresso Roma for the sheer pleasure of hanging out on a sunny day.

I stop here several days a week after working out at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA. First stop - Monterey Market for fresh fruit and vegetables, and some freshly baked breads. Then across the street for a capuchino to go (gigante capuchino, para llevar). You get a dime off if you bring your own cup. Finished your coffee? Cross the street for meats and poultry at Magnani's (founded in 1917), fish at Monterey Fish ... or something fresh from Hopkins Street Bakery.

And in the spot where Monterey Liquors was located, Art Kinsey of Gioia Pizza has opened Northbrae Bottle Shop!

Coffee, Fish, Produce, Meet, Wine, Pizza, Flowers, Cheese, Pastries and more on two short blocks. Heaven!

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery (Berkeley Hort) on Mc Gee is one of the best nurseries around, with a highly knowledgeable staff.

Northbrae is on Hopkins Street (between Gilman and The Alameda). Westbrae is just west on Gilman Street (roughly between Santa Fe and Hopkins). They're so close to one another, I included them together. These are two of the most affordable of Berkeley's pleasant neighborhoods. As an extra bonus, they're both within walking distance of North Berkeley BART and the North Berkeley Library, which was beautifully restored in early 2012.

There's even a running track, pool, and tennis courts at the King School Park on Hopkins

And did I mention Gioia Pizza, the best pizza west of Lexington Avenue? It's true! When you stop by, tell Art that Ira says hello.

These are just some of the reasons that Berkeley's Northbrae Neighborhood was named one of the American Planning Association (APA) "Great Neighborhoods in America" in 2011.

Westbrae is on Gilman, just down the street. Lalime's is a lovely restaurant frequently changing menu... and one of our favorite places to go (also try Breads of India, Rivoli, and Skates On The Bay).

Berkeley Bagels and Toot Sweets Bakery are west of the BART tracks, and on the corner is a pleasant little park where you can drink coffee and read the paper.

You'll need to take great care of your teeth so you can enjoy Berkeley's great food and drink. That's why we highly recommend our Dentist, Dr. Sy Kurtz




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Northbrae's Marin Fountain was loving restored by the Friends of the Fountain & Walk for its 100th Birthday!
Northbrae Bottle Shop Neon Sign
  Monterey Market Squash  
  Northbrae/Westbrae Neighborhood Sites & Specialities... Here's what makes it unique!
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 Dan Smith, Architect1107 Virginia Street
Berkeley CA

Dan Smith was our architect when we remodelled our home... and he did a wonderful job. That was 20 years ago, and I can only imagine what wonderful designs he's come up with since then. 
 BAHA - Northbrae : A Residence Park At Berkeley Bruce, Anthony
Berkeley CA

720.97946 N813
BAHA - Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association has an excellent series of tours and books on Berkeley's extraordinary architecture. 
 Monterey Market1582 Hopkins Street
Berkeley CA

At least once a week I stop here for fresh produce to nibble on after I finish my workout at the YMCA. 
 Peralta Community Garden Peralta Street @ Hopkins Street
Berkeley CA

Next to where BART goes underground in Westbrae Berkeley 
 Child Educational Center1414 Sacramento Street
Berkeley CA

 Berkeley Library North Branch1170 The Alameda
Berkeley CA

Berkeley has a great library system. The main library is an Art Deco Jewel in downtown Berkeley. This is one of the four branch libraries (Elmwood/Claremont, South, West & North Berkeley) 
 Berkeley Horticultural Nursery1310 Mc Gee Avenue
Berkeley CA

Carol spent lots of time at Magic Gardens and Berkeley Hort when we had life before real estate. She’s started gardening again, and still returns from time to time 
 Northside Community Garden Northside Street @ Hopkins Street
Berkeley CA

A Garden... above and near where Berkeley BART arises from underground 
  Berkeley Bagels1281 Gilman Street
Berkeley CA

Right across from the nursery, and a few steps from Toot’s Sweet’s Bakery, and just west of where BART crosses Gilman Street. 
 Lalime’s Cafe1329 Gilman Street
Berkeley CA

This is a delightful restaurant with wonderful food. We take our special friends here 
 Espresso Roma1549 Hopkins Street
Berkeley CA

The BEST coffee I’ve ever had (with the exception of a small coffee shop in Annapolis, MD, is in the French Hotel in North Berkeley. Ask Angelo to make you a Giant Decafe Cappuchino, nonfat milk... and put a foam “teddy bear” on it

Other than that, Peets wins hands down over Starbucks
 Berkeley Public School-Franklin 1400 Eighth Street
Berkeley CA

 Gay Austin Nusery School1611 Hopkins Street
Berkeley CA

 ALA/CC Center for Developmentally Disabled1300 Rose Street
Berkeley CA