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Downtown Berkeley
Arts & Theater... and MAC!
Downtown Berkeley has gone through a resurgence - Addison Street and Shattuck Avenue is now the hub of the Performing Arts District.

Berkeley Rep's two stages, Freight and Salvage across the street, the Aurora Theater & Jazz School up the street - all on one block on Addison between Shattuck & Milvia. Do you like movies? Visit United Artists, Shattuck cinema, and California 3 nearby.

Lots of great resturants too -Comal's a favorite of Carol, Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen is great for New Orleans Food ... and Arinell Pizza is most-like-New York style

Downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley
Downtown Berkeley

Pegasus Books and Half Price Books are downtown, the old Hinks Department Store was converted into pleasant Shattuck Cinemas (with Egyptian motif)... and expanded yet again, Berkeley Rep has two theaters, Freight & Salvage is across the street (where we saw the Flying Kamarazov Brothers.. who neither fly nor are brothers).. and Eddie Bauer opened too.

Mac lovers should visit We at MAC

New Yorkers - Arinell Pizza at makes a great New York style pizza. It's one of Berkeley's terrific pizza places - along with Gioia, Cheese Board and LoCoccos.

  Downtown Berkeley
  Shattuck Avenue between Hearst & Dwight Way
  Sites, Restaurants & Things To Do
  Berkeley High School 2223 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley CA

Berkeley High School has a set of Art Deco murals on Martin Luther King... I only wish they did a two tone or three tone paint job on it!  
  United Artists Berkeley 2274 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

One of the Art Deco buildings on the Main Berkeley Library block  
  Other Change Of Hobbit-Fantasy 2020 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Fantasy books and magazines (not to be confused with Saul Zaentz’s Fantasy Records, which has produced the remarkable movies Amadeus and The English Patient)  
  Berkeley Conference Center 2105 Bancroft Way
Berkeley CA

Downtown Berkeley conference center in refurbished Masonic Hall  
  Berkeley Convention & Visitors 2015 Center Street
Berkeley CA

Convention and Visitor’s Bureau - the place to go for hotels, restaurants, and business in Berkeley  
  MAC - Macintosh Everything Store 2010 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

As Wayne & Garth would say “A very excellent Macintosh Computer store in Downtown Berkeley. Their prices are great and their service is superb. They won my heart the first time I walked in (about 1990), asked about some sottware, and they tore open the package and installed it into one of the state-of-the-art Macintosh IIci Computers.

Tell Wei that Ira Serkes sent you there!
  Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital 2126 Haste Street
Berkeley CA

I moved to Berkeley in June 1974, and have used Berkeley Dog & Cat ever since. They’re wonderful, and have taken care of all our babies over the years. They helped Magus, Squirt, Polymer, Snidely, Gouger, Beau live long lives

The great folks at BD&C continue to take great care of Lucy The Cat. Lucy, for those in the know, ranks all the homes we see between 1 and 4 paws... unless it’s really bad... at which she gives in the dread “hairball” rating

Here’s Gouger’s eulogy

Gouger Serkes - 1980 to 1997

Gouger Serkes, our beloved baby, died on 14 May 97 after a long, loving happy life of 17 years. I knew him over 1/3 of my life... several months longer than I knew Carol.

Gouger was a sweet cat. He had soft, warm ears, silky smooth head fur, a matted tummy, and a full body purr. The nice folks at Berkeley Dog & Cat always enjoyed it when he stopped by for a visit or short vacation.... one of the techs even came by to kiss him goodbye once she knew his time had come. We'd often serenade each other - I'd whistle to him, he'd meow back in response, and we'd do it again and again. I always tired of singing before he did.

Gouger often kept me company when I worked on the computer, and was a great "email buddy". He'd nestle between my forearms as I downloaded email, typed responses, and sent my missives into the ether.

The Gouge, aka Big Fella, also helped give birth to my book "How To Buy A House In California" by sleeping on the manuscript, along with his elder brother Snidely. Gouger, Snidely and Beau are all resting together now.
  Ace Hardware - Berkeley 2145 University Avenue
Berkeley CA

Ace Hardware has a pretty good HO & N Model train section downstairs, and an excellent selection of hardware. They've a parking lot around the corner you can use while shopping.  
  Hotel Shattuck 2086 Allston Way
Berkeley CA

Well located in Central Berkeley, near BART, shops, Berkeley’s Theater District (live theater and movies) and a short walk to UC Berkeley  
  Rex Keys 1908 University Avenue
Berkeley CA

Central Berkley locksmith  
  Berkeley Library Main Branch 2090 Kittredge Street
Berkeley CA

It’s a wonderful resource (and right near the downtown YMCA). The library has an excellent selection of design and architecture books, music, as well as DVD and videos in numerous languages (including English).

When you visit the main ilbrary site, be sure to check out the commercial building just to the south (on Shattuck) and the United Artists mural above the UA theater down the street. If you're on an Art Deco tour, check out the murals on the Martin Luther King side of Berkeley High School.

It's Mayan Art Deco Designed in 1930 by James Plachek
  California 3 2113 Kittredge Street
Berkeley CA

3 Theaters in a newly remodelled Art Deco Theater.  
  Shattuck Cinemas 2230 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

I call it the Hink’s theater, because before the movie theaters were there, it was the Hink’s Department store - wooden floors and balcony’s on the mezzanine level. The theaters are particularly pleasant, with Egyptian and Oriental themes  
  U C Theatre 2036 University Avenue
Berkeley CA

Alas... “It’s time for me to go -goodbye, Groucho” is what’s on the marquee. The UC Theater is currently closed, and hopefully wil reopen soon  
  Giovanni’s 2420 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Pizza & Italian Food. Also check
  Berkeley Repertory Theatre 2025 Addison Street
Berkeley CA

Tony Amendola is one of the fine actors with Berkley Rep in his background.

Berkeley has created a Downtown Arts District, and Berkeley Rep has been the anchor. I recall the first time I went to Berkeley Rep - it was in a converted commercial space on College Avenue (next to the Elmwood Theater) and I went to see a Bertoldt Brecht play with my friends Diane & Shel
  YMCA-Berkeley 2001 Allston Way
Berkeley CA

Friendly place in downtown Berkeley. I usually go several times a week, then make my coffee and fruit/vegetable stop at French Hotel/Andronicos in North Berkeley or Cafe Espresso/Monterey Market in Northbrae.

They also have branches in Albany and South & West Berkeley.

Hot Tip - you can park for free during limited hours! Have your parking ticket stamped at the front desk when you come in. Be aware of the free hours - if you come in (or stay beyond) validation hours.

The Kittdredge Garage next to the Berkeley Public LIbrary at 2020 Kittredge Street has 2 hours of validation

Mon-Thu 5-11 AM & 4-10:30 PM
Sun 5-11 AM & 4-8 PM

The Great Western Garage just up the street at 2061 Allson Way has validated parking
Mon-Fri 5-10:30 PM
Sat 8 AM - Noon
  Radio FM 94.1 KPFA 1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley CA

When I was growing up in The Bronx, I’d often listen to listener supported WBAI FM. I saved the very first check I ever wrote in California to subscribe to KPFA. It’s alternative radio at it’s best... you probably won’t agree with most of what they have to say, but it’s the best place to go for a different viewpoint. One of my favorite shows was “Shouting Out” with Mama O’Shea, and I stopped by the old KPFA studio on Shattuck Avenue the day that I “retired” from Chevron. Other commentators of note are Bill Mandel, a Soviet Union specialist, whose fiery testimony against the HUAC Committee in San Francisco is a joy to listen to. Caspar Weinberger was also a commentator in the past.  
  Berkeley Historical Society Museum 1931 Center Street
Berkeley CA

Small Berkeley History Museum definitely worth a visit when you’re in the area. Limited hours - check the web site to make sure they’ll be open when you visit.  
  Jupiter 2181 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Try their pizzas, named after the moons of Jupiter. Friendly downtown Berkeley pub.  
  Triple Rock Brewery 1920 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

An old time brewery, with ambience reminiscent of the thirties. You’ll have to pay more than a nickel for your beer and sandwich. I believe the same brothers operate Jupiter down the street in central Berkeley.  
  Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association 2318 Durant Avenue
Berkeley CA

Interested in Berkeley Architecture? Join!  
  Pegasus Books Downtown 2349 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA


Two Pegasus bookstores in Berkeley - Solano and Shattuck, and a sister store Pendragon on College Avenue in Rockridge

  Arinell Pizza 2109 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

If there were a Pantheon dedicated to Pizza, Cheese Board would be Zeus

Arinell would win the award for “most like NY style”, Lococos and Cugini would be lesser gods... and Zachary’s would be mere mortals.

Zachary’s keeps on getting awards, but I think that’s only because the Cheese Board is only open limited hours druing the daytime
  Habitot Children’s Museum 2065 Kittredge Street
Berkeley CA

A children's museum in Berkeley!  
  Berkeley Police Department 2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley CA

Berkeley Police Department - Crime Stats Map  
  Berkeley Unified School District 2134 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley CA

The place to go for information on Berkeley’s Schools  
  Trumpetvine Court - Part of Downtown Architectural Walking Tour
Berkeley CA

Take the walkway to the west of Jupiter Pub, and you’ll find yourself in this pleasant court in downtown Berkeley. Hungry? Have a pizza and beer at Jupiter, or a sandwich at Panini  
  Tupper & Reed Building - 2271 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

An Architectural Treasure by WR Yelland....  
  Post Office 2000 Allston Way
Berkeley CA

This is one of the most handsome buildings in Berkeley, and I have the pleasure of seeing it several days a week when I work out at the Berkeley YMCA. It’s worth a visit. Murals inside.  
  Farm Credit Building 2180 Milvia Street
Berkeley CA

Now Berkeley City Hall  
  Golden Sheaf Bakery 2071 Addison Street
Berkeley CA

Wonderful brick facade, recently renovated by Avi Nevo as part of Berkeley's Art District. It's one of the most interesting buildings in Berkeley  
  S.H Kress Building 2036 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Terra Cotta, with hints of Art Deco. The Kress building has been reborn as an arts center/office space  
  Berkeley Community Theatre 1930 Allston Way
Berkeley CA

Art Deco Theater on the Berkeley High School Campus - just across from City Hall Park  
  24 Hour Fitness 2072 Addison Street
Berkeley CA

Buff Folks work out here. That’s why I use the YMCA just two blocks away.  
  Berkeley Farmer’s Market
Berkeley CA

Tuesdays Martin Luther King at Derby 2-7 PM
Saturday Center & Martin Luther King 10-3
  La Note 2377 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Pleasant French Country Restaurant  
  Long Life Noodle Company and Jook Joint 2261 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Interesting Noodle and Jook (porridge-like comfort food) retaurant in downtown Berkeley.  
  Fine Arts Cinema 2451 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Another of Berkeley's film rep houses. There were many more when I first moved here in 1984. The first time I ever saw Casablanca was with Jane Budimir, one of my Chevron co-workers, at a small upstairs theater on Telegraph Avenue just below Dwight Way. There used to be twin theaters in the La Val's complex in North Berkeley.

Fine Arts Cinema will be part of a new complex by Patrick Kennedy in a few years.
  Cafe Centro 2132 Center Street
Berkeley CA

Wood fired pizza in Berkeley's new arts district  
  Thalassa Bar & Billiard Hall 2367 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

  City of Berkeley 2180 Milvia Street
Berkeley CA

Official Web Site for the City of Berkeley  
  Emmit Powell 1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley CA

My Saturday mornings are devoted to radio

The Gospel Experience

Radio FM 94.1 Saturday 6-9 AM
  Berkeley Convention & Visitors Bureau
Berkeley CA

The place to go when you're visiting Berkeley... for business or pleasure.  
  Cancun 2134 Allston Way
Berkeley CA

Very attractive Mexican restaurant in Downtown Berkeley... with great food!  
  United Artists Cinema 2274 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

They stylishly remodelled this Art Deco theater into a series of smaller ones. The interior and exterior mural is worth seeing.  
  Jupiter 2181 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Try their pizzas, named after the moons of Jupiter. Friendly downtown Berkeley pub.  
  Venus 2327 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Downtown Berkeley Fresh food