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Homes For Sale

First.. be sure to check out our featured homes page. That's where we have lots of information on our hot new listings!

Interested in searching for homes by neighborhood? Here's the neighborhood search link... or just click on the map.

Here's the link to see which fine homes and estates currently on the market. Each property has a feedback form so you can let us know which ones fit your lifestyle!

Berkeley California Real Estate Homes Houses For Sale Realtor.com MLS Multiple Listing Relocation Real Estate Listing Berkeley California Real Estate Homes Houses For Sale Realtor.com MLS Multiple Listing Relocation Real Estate Listing
715 Hillside Avenue Albany Hill overlooking San Francisco Bay
Berkeley California Real Estate Homes Houses For Sale Realtor.com MLS Multiple Listing Relocation Real Estate Listing

We have several options for you when searching for Berkeley California Real Estate... and you want homes for sale in the MLS - Multiple Listing Services. Our local MLS also uploads data to realtor.com, the world largest database of homes for sale!

You can search for homes for sale in Berkeley, and even subscribe to daily email updates! So whether you want a fine home or estate... buying a home in Elmwood Claremont, or want to find out what's for sale in Thousand Oaks... here's where to go!

We'll let you know as soon as a home comes on the market which meets your needs. We've several sites for you to go for MLS Searches and subscribe to MLS Daily Email Updates.

The next search is very cool - by City and Neighborhood! Just click on the map below to jump directly to our customized neighborhood search sites! Want to find out what's for sale in Thousand Oaks or the Berkeley Hills, Northbrae or Westbrae, Elmwood or Claremont, Rockridge or Montclair..or Piedmont... it's all awaiting you just one click away!

Want to find out about each neighborhood ... and what's for sale there?
Just click on each neighborhood on this map!

Search East Bay Neighborhoods and find out what's for sale on a larger map


Perhaps you're interested in what's happening near your home? Click here and receive a market update every month!


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Open Houses
The best source for Sunday Open House information is the San Francisco Chronicle and Home Buyers Tour. The Chronicle Real Estate Section is best on Sunday... and I think it's the only day it's live

Also check out the Home Buyers Tour web site... it will give you more information on homes which are being held open

While at SFGate.com
Check out the wonderful article that Carol Lloyd wrote about us Real Estate Brokers Go High-Tech - Berkeley couple's firm embraces the information age and see articles I've been quoted in ... and some of my published photos.

Find out why she said "after a survey of the [Serkes' www.berkeleyhomes.com] site's new-fangled services, I can't help but think it makes most real estate representation look downright primitive. Even the corporate brokerage houses -- like Prudential, which has Listing Watch, a fabulous searchable and customizable database of houses on the market -- can't hold a candle to what the Serkeses have dubbed their 'handcrafted real estate services'."