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Kensington... a town which reminds me of back east!

Kensington Farmers Market - Big Paw Olive Oil

Wallen Maybeck House - Purdue Avenue

Kensington reminds me a lot of an East Coast town; perhaps that's why Carol and I would live there if we ever decided to move from Thousand Oaks.

I once read that Kensington had the highest education level of all communities in the Bay Area, and the highest number of Nobel Laureates. I wouldn't be surprised if that were so. J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the Atomic Bomb lived in Kensington when he was at UC Berkeley. I've been fascinated by him ever since seeing the public television series on him, starring Sam Waterston. Frank Oppenheimer, his brother, was a (the?) founder of San Francisco's wonderful Exploratorium.

Kensington Village Post Office Welcome to Kensington Kensington Circus Pub
Kensington Village Bake Sale Kensington Farmers Market - Big Paw Olive Oil Kensington Village Drive Up Mailbox
Here's a quick link to all the homes for sale in Kensington - The newest listings are at the top!

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This is an interactive map - use your mouse to move in, click the +/- to zoom in, and zoom on the map to see what's for sale.

Kensington is almost entirely in the hills, so many homes have bay views. Upslope lots tend to have terraced yards which are great for kids, and the downslope lots often have decks and views unobstructed by wires or light poles. Kensington has several distinct areas. I call one of them "Old England" because the street names are Stratford, Avon (yes, there is a Stratford at Avon), Coventry, Kingston, etc. This neighborhood is between Colusa Avenue (Kensington Circle) and The Arlington (Kensington Village). The homes tend to be older and more distinguished.

The streets between The Arlington and Grizzly Peak are named after colleges - Stanford, Purdue, Beloit, Columbia... so I describe it as the "College District". These homes generally were built in the 30's and 40's.

Kensington is bounded on the east by Tilden Park. Canon Road takes you right down to the pony rides, merry go round, and Little Farm.

It's convenient to both the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station (go north on Colusa) and North Berkeley BART (take Arlington down to Central Berkeley)

The First Unitarian Church of Berkeley is actually in Kensington... but the initials weren't appropriate for mixed company!

Kensington has two shopping districts:
Kensington Village: with a great market (superb barbeque ribs and chicken), a general market (once a pharmac) with mini-post office, a bank, and a hardware store. Inn Kensington is our favorite breakfast place - great biscuits, and the fastest service in the East Bay!

Colusa Circle: with Kensington Circus Pub, Semifreddi's Bakery (their flagship store), Benchmark Pizza, and our favorite Farmers' Market - the Sunday Kensington Farmers' Market on Oak View Avenue.

A special treat awaits architecture buffs. Drive up Kenyon, and turn left on Purdue. On your right (as you go down the private road) is a handsome house designed by Bernard Maybeck. This is the 2nd Wallen Maybeck house, built for Maybeck's sone Wallen and daughter-in-law Jacomena. We saw the home on an architectural tour, and it had a simple elegance to it.

Photo Portfolios - Click the image to view the photo portfolios


Kensington Farmers' Market

Kensington Circle Shops - Semifreddi's Flagship Store



Kensington Village Car Meet



A Walk Around Kensington Circle

Four Corners - Berkeley - Albany - Kensington - El Cerrito

The Four Corners Of Berkeley, Albany, Kensington & El Cerrito


Kensington Kensington Kensington
Kensington Kensington Kensington
Kensington Kensington Kensington
Kensington Kensington Kensington
Kensington Kensington Kensington
Kensington Kensington Kensington


  Kensington Features
  What makes Kensington special!
  Shops & Restaurants
  Maybeck Home Purdue
Kensington CA

Carol and I saw this home during an architectural tour... and I spent the next 5 years trying to find it again. One day I was driving north on Purdue Avenue, and realized Iíd rediscovered it.

The home is almost monastic in its simplicity - lovely living room, small bedrooms along a walkway, and is sited at the crest of the hill... with lovely natural vegation all around.

We could see ourselves living here very nicely!
  Mechanic's Bank 279 Arlington Avenue
Kensington CA

Mechanic's Bank is a friendly, local neighborhood bank. When you open your account here, be sure to say hello to Sherman and Victoria.. and tell them Ira & Carol sent you  
  Kensington Flower & Gift Shop 273 Arlington Avnue
Kensington CA

Flowers and gifts next to the deli  
  Kensington Village
Kensington CA

Kensington Village Site  
  Ace Hardware - Kensington 303 Arlington Avenue
Kensington CA

The only hardware store in the Berkeley (actually Kensington) Hills. This is the place to go if you donít want to drive to Berkeley Ace on University or Pastime Hardware on San Pablo in El Cerrito  
  Tilden Park Little Farm
Berkeley CA

Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Donkeys and more

This is a WONDERFUL place that we go to when we just want to get away from it all

Itís particularly magical in the spring, when the babies are born. Thereís nothing as charming as an infant goat!

Also see Pt. Isabel when you want to be transformed by 4 legged creatures... of the woofer variety
  Kensington Circus 389 Colusa Avenue
Kensington CA

We always enjoy coming to the Kensington Circus (Kensington Pub). The fish and chips are very well done, and the Guiness is on tap

Itís one of the few places you can go where there are muliple generations of folks.
There are infants crawling in the kid area (which happens to be below the dart board), kids, young adults, Gen X, Y & Z, Alte Kakkes like me and Carol, and grandfolks.

Oh... donít worry about the dart board. Iíve never seen anyone ever play darts.

Tell Graham that we sent you there!
  Kensington Library 61 Arlington Avenue
Kensington CA

  Kensington Outlook 59 Arlington Avenue
Kensington CA

The paper to read when you want to find out about what's going on in Berkeley.  
  Blake House
Kensington CA

An 11 acre estate owned by the University of California. Many times Carol has enjoyed walking the grounds.  
  Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley 1 Lawson Road
Kensington CA

Well.. the church is actually in Kensington, but the initials of the First Unititarian Church of Kensington just wouldnít work.  
  269 The Arlington 269 Arlington Avenue
Kensington CA

On the northern part of Kensington Village - once was the site of Shai's Deli ... a favorite our ours  
  Inn Kensington 293 Arlington Avenue
Kensington CA

Pleasant little cafe in Kensington Village - good food, great biscuits, and fast service - what more would you want! Link is under construction  
  Semifreddis 372 Colusa Avenue
Kensington CA

Ask for a Frequent Freddy Card. Their seeded baguette is excellent, but I find their coffee a bit strong. Itís off Colusa Circle in baja Kensington  
  Holey Expresso 8 Eagle Hill Road
Kensington CA

Gary brings his cappuchino maker to your home for parties or open houses  
  Benchmark Pizzeria 1568 Oak View Avenue
Kensington CA

  Kensington Nursery School 52 Arlington Avenue
Kensington CA

Nursery school across from the Kensington Library  
  Montessori Family School 1 Lawson Road
Kensington CA

  General information / Kensington

Portal site for shopping in Kensington  
  Kensington Cobblers 378 Colusa Avenue
Kensington CA

They did an outstanding job repairing my shoes. Tue-Sat 9:00-5:30  

Kensington Farmers Market - Big Paw Olive Oil