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  Elmwood/Claremont Berkeley
  The wonderful neighorhood around the Claremont Hotel and College Avenue
  This lovely neighborhood, just east of Elmwood and west of the Claremont Hotel, has the grandest and most expensive homes in Berkeley. Claremont has two shopping streets.

Claremont and The Uplands is home to Afikomen Jewish Books, Semifreddi's Bakery (the flagship store is in Kensington), Star Market, Jutta's Flowers (a beautiful flower store), and The Craftsman Home, a store specializing in fine oak and craftsman furniture.

Many of our friends and clients have stayed just up the street at Mary's B&B. Be sure to say hi to Mary, and tell her that Ira & Carol Serkes recommended you stay with her.

Just across from the Claremont Resort, on Domingo Avenue, is Rick & Ann's, Peet's Coffee and the Bread Garden.

The key route trains commuter trains once ran as far as the luxurious Claremont Resort. I think they stopped right between the tennis courts!

The Claremont neighborhood is home to the Judah Magnus Museum, the Jewish Museum of the West.

Just west is Elmwood... another of Berkeley's wonderful shopping districts. Above Tunnel Road and the Claremont Hotel is Claremont Hills.

  Stores and Sites
  Elmwood Shopping District Directory of Elmwood shops.  
  Julia Morgan Theater 2640 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

Once St. John’s Church, now a lovely performance space. The first time we sponsored Sedge Thomson’s “West Coast Live” (91.7 FM Saturday 10 AM-Noon), the show was at the Julia Morgan. Check out the building during a performance - it's a treat.  
  The Craftsman Home 3048 Claremont Avenue
Berkeley CA

Berkeley has several small shopping districts (Hopkins at Monterey, Gilman at Santa Fe, and Claremont at The Uplands). This craftsman (craftspeople?) furniture store is in the Clarmemont shopping district. Stop by Semifreddi’s for terrific breads, or Afikomen for Judaica when you’re in the neighborhood  
  Book Stores  
  Berkeley Book Stores

  Dark Carnival Science Fiction 3086 Claremont Avenue
Berkeley CA

Science Fiction and Fantasy - the name says it all  
  Avenue Books 2904 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

Pleasant, locally owned bookstore. Support Berkeley’s independent bookstores... such as Avenue Books, Cody’s, Lewin’s, Black Oak, and Easy Going  
  Afikomen Jewish Books 3042 Claremont Avenue
Berkeley CA

Extensive collection of Judaica in the Claremont neighborhood.  
  Neighorhood Resources  
  Claremont Creekside Cerny, Susan

720.97946 C561
  Bolfings Elmwood Hardware 2951 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

Pleasant Elmwood neighborhood Hardware Store  
  Alta Bates Medical Center 2450 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley CA

My cousin Elaine was well treated here when she had to make an emergency visit. They took good care of her.  
  Elmwood House 2609 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

  Mary's B&B 262 Hillcrest Road
Berkeley CA

Mary has hosted many of our clients over the years. She has a pleasant B&B in the Claremont Hills, just a short walk to the Rockridge BART Station. Ask her for extended stay rates  
  Hillegass House 2834 Hillegass Avenue
Berkeley CA

  Claremont Resort & Spa 41 Tunnel Road
Berkeley CA

Elegant, grand hotel - the Grand Dame of the East Bay. We've been there for a spectacular Christmas Buffet. It's a magnificent place on lovely grounds. Visit... even if just for a drink. I bought Carol a spa gift certificate for Valentine's Day... and she loved it!  
  Claremont Day Nurseries 2845 Woolsey Avenue
Berkeley CA

  Berkeley Library Claremont Branch 2940 Benvenue Avenue
Berkeley CA

Berkeley has a great library system. The main library is an Art Deco Jewel in downtown Berkeley. This is one of the four branch libraries (Elmwood/Claremont, South, West & North Berkeley)  
  Bay Area Business Woman 5337 College Avenue #501
Berkeley CA

  Jutta's Flowers 3078 Claremont Avenue
Berkeley CA

Wonderful floral design arrangements at the Claremont shopping district  
  Elmwood Theatre 2966 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

The community banded together to save this theater after it was damaged in a fire. It’s a pleasant place to see movies.  
  Judah L Magnes Jewish Museum 2911 Russell Street
Berkeley CA

Pleasant small museum just down the street from the Claremont Hotel. They're merged with the Jewish Museum of San Francisco... and will building a new museum on Allston Way in the next few years.  
  Metro Rent 2840 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

Berkeley Rental Agency

  Restaurants & Cafes  
  Ozzie's Soda Fountain 2900 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

A Berkeley Institution... I recall that it was once endangered. One of the few Soda Fountains left in a Pharmacy!  
  AG Ferrari 2905 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

Wonderful Ambience, great food, pleasant music in the background.  
  Beanery 2925 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

One of Berkeley's fine coffee houses. When I was last there I was amazed at the number of laptops the patrons had.  
  La Mediterranee 2936 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

One of our favorite Berkeley restaurants, they have a delightful selection of middle eastern cuisine.  
  Espresso Roma 2960 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

The BEST coffee I’ve ever had (with the exception of a small coffee shop in Annapolis, MD, is in the French Hotel in North Berkeley. Ask Angelo to make you a Giant Decafe Cappuchino, nonfat milk... and put a foam “teddy bear” on it

Other than that, Peets wins hands down over Starbucks
  Holy Land Kosher Food 2965 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

Mideast Deli with delightful Lemonade, and chicken soup with Matzoh Balls

One on Grand Avenue, and the other one on College Avenue in Elmwood, just below Ashby Avenue
  Noah's New York Bagels 3170 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

Noah’s Bagels are all over the place, and I like their Egg Mit sandwich... but the award for best bagels goes to Manhattan Bagel Company on 4th Street  
  Bread Garden 2912 Domingo Avenue
Berkeley CA

Across from Claremont Hotel, and next to Peet’s and Ann’s Cafe in the Domingo shopping strip  
  Peets Coffee & Tea 2916 Domingo Avenue
Berkeley CA

The BEST coffee I’ve ever had (with the exception of a small coffee shop in Annapolis, MD, is in the French Hotel in North Berkeley. Ask Angelo to make you a Giant Decafe Cappuchino, nonfat milk... and put a foam “teddy bear” on it

Other than that, Peets wins hands down over Starbucks

The bay area’s best deal, ranking up there with attending a West Coast Live performance at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, is to get a Peet’s “credit’ card. Whenever you add $20 to the card, they give you $1 off (they once gave you the drink of your choice). I usually make my $20 deposit into BOP (Bank of Peets) whenever I have a hankering fo a double decaf mocha, nonfat milk (doesn’t that sound like a contradiction in terms?) Peet's even has coffee & tea tastings!
  Nabolom Bakery & Cafe 2708 Russell Street
Berkeley CA

Wonderful local bakery which has been around for years  
  Redwood Gardens Co-op 2951 Derby Avenue
Berkeley CA

  The Academy 2722 Benvenue Avenue
Berkeley CA

Kindergarten through 8th Grade  
  Pacific Rim International School 2638 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

  Elmwood School 2727 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

  Rose Street School 2727 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

  Berkeley Ballet Theatre 2640 College Avenue
Berkeley CA

Ballet Theatre in the Julia Morgan Center. When I was there in December, they produced a Nutcracker with lots of excited kids.