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  The North Berkeley Neighborhood  
  The North Berkeley Neighborhood  
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  Home of world famous Chez Panisse restaurant, but I think its real claim to fame is the French Hotel, where Angel, one of the wizards in the cafe make an excellent and inexpensive Giant Capuchino. I've never had better coffee, so, I've dubbed it the "Best Capuchino In The World"

The Cheese Board, just up the street, makes great breads and KILLER goat cheese pizza. They're extremely tasty - only Bell's Pizza in Amherst, MA and The Boonton Inn in Boonton, NJ were better. It's very different from New York style (go to Arinell, in downtown Berkeley for the most-like-New-York-pizza). Lococo's, about a block north, is another favorite.

My favorite ... Gioia in Berkeley's Northbrae Neighborhood ... but all are very good!

Saul's Deli has really good pastrami and kishke.. almost (but not quite) like being back in The Bronx. They have a Chanukah Latke-fest ... and even a Klezmer Band! Scroll down to view the video I took of the joyous performances.

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Chez Panisse - Alice Water's restaurant in North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto
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Here's the photo portfolio of the Saul's Deli Klezmer Fest
  The North Berkeley Neighborhood
  North Berkeley — Shattuck Avenue Between Hearts and Rose

  Things To Do
 Shattuck Shopping DistrictDirectory of Shattuck Avenue shops. 
 Berkeley Book Stores

 Collected Thoughts Bookshop1816 Euclid Avenue
Berkeley CA

 BAHA - Northbrae : A Residence Park At Berkeley Bruce, Anthony
Berkeley CA

720.97946 N813
BAHA - Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association has an excellent series of tours and books on Berkeley's extraordinary architecture. 
 Northside : Historic Survey Of A North Berkeley Neighborhood Before And After The 1923 Wildfire Cerny, Susan
Berkeley CA

720.97946 C335n
 Berkeley Himalayan Fair
Berkeley CA

This is a wonderful fair... food, crafts, performances, and more. It's held in Berkeley's lovely Live Oak Park. It's held in the 3rd weekend in May. The proceeds are used to support worthy projects in Himalayan countries. 
 North Berkeley Bed & Breakfast 1517 Milvia Street
Berkeley CA

Pat & Reg Ungem - Innkeepers 
 Oxford Place1151 Oxford Street
Berkeley CA

 French Hotel1538 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Convenient hotel in North Berkeley - just across from Chez Panisse. Angel, at The French Hotel Cafe on the ground floor makes the BEST Cappuchino’s I’ve ever had! He’s also an artist, and will make a chocolate figure (bunnies for Easter, Santa for Christmas) if you ask nicely... or have a kid with you! 
 Camp Winnarainbow1301 Henry Street
Berkeley CA

Run by Wavy Gravy! You’ve eaten the ice cream, now check out this camp for kids 
 Neighborhood Parents Network P.O. Box 8597
Berkeley CA

Neighborhood Moms is now the Neighborhood Parents Network of Berkeley. It's a wonderful resource for families with kids. Another useful site is http://parents.berkeley.edu 
 Children's Community Center1140 Walnut Street
Berkeley CA

 Mr. Mopps1405 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley CA

Great toy store in North Berkeley.. kitty-corner from Fat Apple’s Berkeley branch 
 Berkeley Library North Branch1170 The Alameda
Berkeley CA

Berkeley has a great library system. The main library is an Art Deco Jewel in downtown Berkeley. This is one of the four branch libraries (Elmwood/Claremont, South, West & North Berkeley) 
 Andronico's Market1550 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

High quality food, high prices to match - stores on Solano, University, and Telegraph Avenues 
 Berkeley Art Center1275 Walnut Street
Berkeley CA

Small Berkeley Art Gallery next to Live Oak Park 
 Live Oak Park1301 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

A creek, theater, and pleasant park - just blocks from North Berkeley village 
 Lo Coco's Restaurant & Pizzeria1400 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

If there were a Pantheon dedicated to Pizza, Cheese Board would be Zeus

Arinell would win the award for “most like NY style”, Lococos and Cugini would be lesser gods... and Zachary’s would be mere mortals.

Zachary’s keeps on getting awards, but I think that’s only because the Cheese Board is only open limited hours druing the daytime
 Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen1475 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Good deli food... and live music several times a month. Call or check their web site for details. The first time my mom visited Berkeley, she went to a different Deli where the server asked her if she wanted sprouts with the Pastrami!

Yikes - talk about sacrilige!

Call 848-DELI
 Cheese Board1504 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

If there were a Pantheon dedicated to Pizza, Cheese Board would be Zeus

Arinell would win the award for “most like NY style”, Lococos and Cugini would be lesser gods... and Zachary’s would be mere mortals.

Zachary’s keeps on getting awards, but I think that’s only because the Cheese Board is only open limited hours druing the daytime
 Chez Panisse1517 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Alice Waters celebrates her 30th Anniversary in 2001. Ground Zero for California Cuisine. Also 510-548-549 
 Cha’am1543 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Laotian Restaurant in North Berkeley 
  Philz Coffee1600 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA
 Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers1600 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Wonderful selection of different kinds of burgers and fries. Go for the half menu on fries, because you won’t want to finish the full sized one! 
 Virginia Bakery1690 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

Excellent Croissants in North Berkeley 
 Triple Rock Brewery1920 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley CA

An old time brewery, with ambience reminiscent of the thirties. You’ll have to pay more than a nickel for your beer and sandwich. I believe the same brothers operate Jupiter down the street in central Berkeley. 
 Peets Coffee & Tea2124 Vine Street
Berkeley CA

The BEST coffee I’ve ever had (with the exception of a small coffee shop in Annapolis, MD, is in the French Hotel in North Berkeley. Ask Angelo to make you a Giant Decafe Cappuchino, nonfat milk... and put a foam “teddy bear” on it

Other than that, Peets wins hands down over Starbucks

The bay area’s best deal, ranking up there with attending a West Coast Live performance at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, is to get a Peet’s “credit’ card. Whenever you add $20 to the card, they give you $1 off (they once gave you the drink of your choice). I usually make my $20 deposit into BOP (Bank of Peets) whenever I have a hankering fo a double decaf mocha, nonfat milk (doesn’t that sound like a contradiction in terms?) Peet's even has coffee & tea tastings!
 Berkeley Public School-Hopkins1810 Hopkins St.
Berkeley CA

 School of the Madeleine1225 Milvia Street
Berkeley CA

 ALA/CC Center for Developmentally Disabled1300 Rose Street
Berkeley CA

 The Edible Schoolyard1782 Rose Street
Berkeley CA

 Montessori Family Schools1850 Scenic Avenue
Berkeley CA

 East Bay Science and Arts Middle School1940 Virginia Street #C
Berkeley CA

 Berkeley Jewish Community Center1414 Walnut Street
Berkeley CA

Jewish Community Center in North Berkeley. 
 Berkeley Senior Center - North Berkeley1901 Hearst Avenue
Berkeley CA

Berkeley has several comfortable Senior Centers 
 The Walk Shop2120 Vine Street
Berkeley CA

The place to come for comfortable walking shoes